This 75 sqm apartment was built during the property development programme in the Buda hills which started in the mid-1960s. In the inherently well-arranged living space, which is characteristic of the period, we moved only a few walls, as our goal was rather to emphasise movement and cross-influence between spaces. The eastern façade with its large windows offers a stunning panoramic view of Budapest. Perhaps the most important design choice was the use of homogeneous colours on the walls and floors, which enhances the sense of space and accentuates furniture. The client’s love ofgastronomy, traveling, arts and books created the main set of criteria to consider when designing the furnishing. Most of the furniture is custom-designed carpentry, in certain places bringing back the interior decoration of the 60s in a contemporary, simple and technologically
more modern form.

  • Date : 2017
  • Location : BUDAPEST | HUNGARY
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