With a visually standout project in the patchwork of Budapest inner districts, POSITION Collective has shown mastery of creating both body and soul of the SÁO Vietnamese restaurant.

The Chinese-Vietnamese restaurant SÁO has evolved from a loving home cookery of three restaurateur-aspirant natives. It is so that the genuine forms of traditional Vietnamese hospitality gave the core of POSITION Collective’s idea on the spatial organization.

Entering into the space, the view leads through the open kitchen where the flame-stirring woks are visible with full honesty. Central in the seating area, the community bar table became a spot where guests’ drinks are being prepared and served with friendly words on the side. Directed towards the large open windows on the busy Budapest downtown, private seating options invite the more reserved.

Only with the functional furniture layout, POSITION Collective already makes a strong statement. But the decoration of SÁO goes further, with pattern-printed walls and upholstery, and with crisp style objects. The exotic representation of the ever-changing seasons is complemented with an iconic Vietnamese birdcage composition, which captivates the essence of distant memories.