Hairstyle with new style

In the elegant centre of Budapest, the Zsidró Hair Salon has been operated for two decades now. During this period the Salon has established a clear view towards beauty and fashion. Therefore the aim of the project was to express and emphasize this stable approach, yet also to refresh space with an additional, new and modern style. The concept was based on the idea of creating a friendly and natural interior – much contrasting to the internationally trending contemporary style.
On the rustic concrete wall treatments there are oak veneer mirrors and shelf systems placed. The Salon’s central sofa composition is a selection from the POSITION Collective’s Pran collection. Additionally to the functional layout, the furniture pieces got personalized, so to make a characteristic statement in the design: the nature-inspired upholstery pattern prints were custom made especially the Salon’s decoration. On the ceiling level, a set of the POSITION Collective’s brass Zona lamps are installed, in the same place the view is complemented with the PETITE PLANET’s hanging plant installation.

  • Date : 2015
  • Client : Tamás Zsidró
  • Location : Budapest | hungary

Photo credit: Balázs Glódi

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