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– hospitality design
– coorporate design
– retail design
– branded furniture design
– design consultation
– interior design identity


– private apartmant desing
– custom furniture design
– design consultation


– POSITION Collective branded furniture line
– custom furniture design of interiors
– tailor made furniture design
– Furniture production

Back in 2010 a number of Hungarian designers have gathered in uniting their diverse creative skills to provide high-level design solutions to a wide variety of clients. After the crystallization of their conceptual and stylistic directions, the POSITION Collective has become a rapidly developing Hungarian interior and product designer firm, which obtains international publicity ever since. The company is active in local and foreign interior projects, with names in their portfolio as the Night Fever 4 featured ZONA Restaurant or the UN Headquarters in Vienna.  Taking their furniture, lamp and home collections, POSITION Collective supplies projects and individual clients worldwide, from Budapest to Berlin, from Dubai to Australia.